Return your vehicle to former glories with our comprehensive restoration service.

Outstanding Results

Restoring a Classic

If you’ve got a classic, vintage or collector car that needs some work doing before it’s fit to drive or take to shows, we can make sure it’s ready. 

Offering various cosmetic enhancements, your classic Ferrari 250, Land Rover Defender or Aston Martin DB5 is sure to stand out when we’ve finished. 

We work with our customers through the whole process to ensure the integrity and historical provenance of the car remains intact; at the same time enhancing investment and ensuring our customers budgets are managed, expectations met and in most cases exceeded

If you are considering restoring a car you currently own or need advice on which car to purchase to undertake a restoration then contact us at and we can guide you through the process to realise the full potential of your car.


Our restoration service is highly effective and guaranteed to produce outstanding results every time. If you would like us to take a look at your vehicle , please contact us.


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