Ares S1 Speedster 1 of 50 (2024)£Please Call

Ares S1 Speedster 1 of 50 (2024)£Please Call


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Ares S1 Speedster   (1 0f 50)

Here at Sasso Automotive, we are extremely proud to announce a new commercial partnership with Ares Modena, as an official UK Agent.

The creative spark for the S1 Speedster was simple but not trivial: to create a car that possessed an extreme design and exceptional performance, centred around an authentic and unfiltered driving experience. Inspired by the design philosophy of the most iconic racing prototypes of the 1970s and 1980s, S1 Speedster was born: the vision of the hypercar by ARES Modena. Enter the ARES S1 Speedster: the ultimate study in bespoke design and driving pleasure.

The mesmerising looking exterior of the S1 Speedster was designed by ARES Modena’s Centro Stile, employing extensive CFD studies to ensure the ultimate in aerodynamic performance and stability.

The S1 Speedster fully embodies all the values of the ARES design language, where form meets function to offer unique style, unparalleled dynamic performance and a refined, exciting driving experience.

The ARES S1 Speedster is powered by a mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V8 engine with direct injection, connected to an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox that sends power to the rear-drive wheels. Its double-wishbone suspensions, forged aluminium axles, and adaptive Magnetic Ride Control assure the handling. Giving voice to this exciting powertrain is an exhaust system with outlets located directly on the rear bonnet. The S1 Speedster’s bodywork is made entirely of handmade carbon fibre, and its shape has been optimised through in-depth CFD analysis. This extensive aerodynamic study was necessary to ensure that the car has an intelligent and recognisable design, perfect engine cooling and balanced dynamic handling that would be predictable and engaging in both road and track action.

Thanks to the brilliant Automotive Design Team at Ares, they can create each car tailored to the customers exact vision and dream. Making your car as individual and unique to you as you wish.

Cars available in limited stock.

For more information on Ares and the S1 Speedster, please contact a member of our team.

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