Why classic cars are still so popular…

Modern cars are faster, easier to handle and comfortable but there is something about a classic car that brings great joy to any car fanatic.

People say it’s because of their history, others argue it’s down to their raw power that was created without the modern use of computers – either way, we agree they are both great to look at and to drive.

We’ve put our heads together and decided this is why people love a classic….

Their simplicity – Yes, it’s all well and good having a sat nav, heated seats and steering wheel, on-board computers and the ability to call and text whilst driving however many people enjoy the simplicity of a classic car. Perhaps seeing it as an escape from the modern world and going back to a time when you could enjoy driving a car.

Their exclusivity – Many classics were made by hand, computers and large machines did not aid the making of cars like they do now, less cars were also driven, meaning demand was less, all resulting in fewer cars being made. This combined with the passing of time creates rarity. Many people want what they can’t have, meaning classic car fanatics go out of their way to hunt down rarity and bag themselves an exclusive.

Their design – As mentioned above, the use of computers to design cars did not come in to play until the late 80’s, meaning that many classic cars were designed by hand. Each design and model brought together many talented craftsmen, whom worked with their hands to create a real thing of beauty, elegant shapes, flowing lines – a real labor of love, which after year gone by can still be seen in classic cars today.

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