Four joys you will only get from classic cars…

Whilst we are continually surrounded by the latest cars on the market, it’s easy to forget about a good old classic… here’s a little something to remind you of all their glory.

  1. An unaltered driving experience

Whilst It is nice to enjoy all the mod-cons newer cars have to offer, it is really special to enjoy the full diving experience a classic car has to offer without being comforted by air-con or districted by a built in sat-nav and your blue-tooth telephone.  

When driving a classic car, you can fully submerge yourself into the driving experience and enjoy many factors that often over shadowed by modern tech, shock absorbers not only absorb shock but also absorb and dilute the natural curves and bumps of the open road, all of which are very much enjoyed by a classic car driver. With an older car, it is not possible to connect your phone, all distractions are off, which means you are able to focus on the car and the way you drive it.

2. A solid investment

Unlike newer cars, a classic car is more like to retain or go up in value the older it gets (providing it is well looked after, of course), there will be no dropping by the thousands the moment you drive it off the forecourt.

Many classic cars are worth more now than they were when they were originally released. But remember, if you are buying it is an investment, make sure you take very good care of it and keep (if you can) a full service history.

3. They have history

Many classic cars will come with a history, for the most part this is a service history but some classics will offer more than this. Many classics will have stared in movies or TV series, been owned by a celebrity or been featured in a magazine or TV show.

Generally, new, off the shelf cars will not have this interesting back story and their short life consisting of a factory and showroom will be of little interest to many.

4. They look cool

Let’s face it, classics do look better than newer cars. Their design and detail was not overshadowed by what modern tech can be squeezed in and the designers obviously focused more on what the car was intended for, to drive fast and to look good while doing so.  

Whilst we all love a modern car, there’s nothing like an old classic… If you are considering buying a classic, go to a reputable dealer, be realistic when viewing (as said above, classics have history which may come in the form of a few stone chips) and be prepared to be sold a car without warranty – usually with a classic, you buy as seen.

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