How to find your next supercar…

Why a broker?

You could spend time shopping around for your next purchase, or you could go to a trusted broker and let them do the hard work for you. 

It is a challenging task for many UHNWI, celebrities and VIPs when shopping for their next supercar. A well recognised person walking into a dealership often creates unwanted media attention and rumours often begin to circulate online before they’ve even entered the showroom. For this very reason, we suggest finding a suitable, discreet broker ahead of looking for your next purchase – they will do the hard work for you, taking the stress and attention off you. They should act discreetly and the seller / dealer should never know where the car is heading – the right broker should give you complete piece of mind and totally confidentiality. 

What to do…

The first thing to establish is what you’re looking for and how much you would like to spend, this will give your broker the best starting point and will allow them to eliminate any unnecessary time wasting. You also want your broker to be upfront and honest, if they can’t help you they should let you know promptly to not waste your time. 

The next thing to establish is timeframe, do you want this car now or are you happy to wait a short while for the right vehicle? The automotive market is evolving at a rapid pace, what is there today may not be there tomorrow or there may be a deal on the horizon that is perfect for you – it may just require some waiting… 

Are you willing to work on your purchase?

It might be that you have a car in mind, a similar one may be found for you but some small adjustments are required before it becomes perfect for you. Another point to consider is if you’re willing to make the purchase and then allow your broker the time and budget to get it just right for you – this could be small works such as a change in colour on the callipers or a larger change to engine enhancement. If you’re willing for these changes to be made, you’re more likely to get the vehicle of your dreams. 

let your broker know these four key points to avoid any disappointment. 

With these four key pieces of information, your broker will go out and find various options for you. They’ll provide you with all the information you require and, if feasible, will arrange for you to view the car. Generally speaking and dependent upon the profile of the vehicle, this will be arranged to take place within their showroom on an appointment only basis and the car will be transported there ahead of your appointment. Here you will have the opportunity to see the car ahead of making a decision. From time to time, viewing the car ahead of purchase is near on impossible if you are unwilling to travel however if you have a broker you can trust, they’ll often do the leg work for you and will make these visits on your behalf and will advise on weather they think this is the right purchase for you – generally speaking this is a very trusted method when purchasing a supercar, the broker will be looking for repeat business and will rely on you coming back to them for your next purchase, therefore it is within their interest to find you the right vehicle from the off and advise you appropriately rather than just trying to get the deal over the line. 

Now, most of the above applies to cars on the market. But if you want what you want and it’s not on the market, this can also be arranged. Many brokers will have great relationships with people in the automotive industry and will have inside knowledge on who has what and how best to get it. Many brokers will want what is best for you, again wanting you to come back time after time and recommend them to your friends / colleagues – they should always go above and beyond to get you want without having to pay over the odds. 

What we would advise…

If you’re looking for your next supercar, don’t try and shop the market yourself. Contact us and tell us what you are looking for. Generally we specialise in Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren however through our years of industry experience we are well versed across all supercar manufacturers and have great relationships across the industry. However, we will always be honest and if we cannot help you, we will put you in touch with a broker that can. 

Once we’ve established that we’re right for you, we’ll begin working on what you’re looking for and invite you to our impressive showroom in the heart of East Yorkshire so you can see first hand our impressive selection of luxury vehicles and our high standards of working. This will without a doubt put you at ease and will allow us to begin work on finding the right vehicle for you. 

From here, you’ll sit back, relax and let us do the rest. And hey presto, you’ll have your next supercar in no time. 

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