The benefits of car storage…

Let the experts take care of the hard work.

Using a secure and safe storage facility is a great idea when you don’t intend to use your car regularly. You may put a vehicle into storage if you are looking to free up space within your garage / driveway, if you do not intend to use your car regularly, for example if you are working away or going travelling or if your car collection has outgrown the storage you have available – reputable storage facilities should provide you great piece of mind that your vehicle is safe and well looked after.

So, why do we recommend storage for your vehicle?

It offers peace of mind

Reputable vehicle storage facilities will have brilliant security, they will be well insured and will take good care of your vehicle. It is likely that your car will be ‘trickle charged’ to ensure the health of its battery. Your car should be stored at a safe temperature and it is likely that your vehicle will be covered to avoid dust on the paintwork (and to stop other customers from seeing what’s underneath).

They will give your car TLC and gentle exercise  

When leaving your beloved car in the hands of a storage facility, you want to make sure it is being well maintained. A trusted facility will advertise and make sure to give your vehicle a physical general health check one per month and will keep track of doing so for their (and your) records. They should share any concerning factors with you and offer to put them right (or arrange with a local garage to take a look).

From time to time, the facility may start your car and give it a run to ensure all components are working – after all, all cars were made to be driven!

A facility should ‘induct’ your car upon drop off / collection for storage, they should look over the car and fill in paperwork which goes over the general T&C’s of its storage as well as what they do / do not do for your vehicle. This should inform you how often your vehicle is checked, if you are happy for them to start the car and if you are happy for them to carry out any essential works if a problem is found.

Reducing the risk of damage / theft

When talking about this, many think we mean physical damage (from stone chips or poor weather conditions) there is that but we’re also referring to lack of maintenance damages, which generally occur when a car is sat for long periods without being checked or used. Not checking and changing your oil can have huge detrimental effects on a vehicle and in turn can be very costly!

Another great addition to the many services offered by a storage facility is that (in many facilities) your vehicle is insured whilst it is in storage – but remember, they will only insure the car, not any personal belongings you leave inside so make sure to empty your car before it goes in.

What is right for you

Having said all of this, it is very important to do your homework on which vehicle storage facility is right for you. For example, if you are still looking for regular use of your car, you should opt for one close to home that will allow you to collect with a moment’s notice.

If you are looking to hold a car for long periods of time, value for money in a storage facility who’s main priority is the health of your car, you may opt to look further afield and for one that will genuinely look after your vehicle rather than just leave it sat under a cover for the coming months until you decide you’d like it back.

How it works

Generally, you are able to drop your car off at a facility, usually at a pre-arranged appointment so that the service provider is able to prep the area and arrange for the necessary tests on the vehicle to take place upon arrival. Alternatively, many prestige facilities will also be able to collect your car.

Once your car is on-site, it will go through a number of checks, this protects the facility from being accused of causing damages and also makes you, the customer, of anything that has gone unnoticed. Once the induction has taken place, there will be some signing of paperwork and you’ll be good to go!

Storage at Sasso Automotive

Here at Sasso Automotive, our vehicle storage facility was specifically designed and built with your vehicle’s best interest at heart. Located in the heart of the Yorkshire Countryside, our facility is the perfect place to store your super or classic car.

Whilst security is our highest priority, the health and wellbeing of your car is paramount. We perform monthly health checks and customer updates should we find anything. Due to our location, we are able to provide gentle, regular exercise to your vehicle without putting too many miles on the clock.

We have in-house technicians, mechanics and valeting teams, all here to ensure the best possible upkeep of your vehicle.

So if you’re looking for long-term luxury storage for your vehicle(s) get in touch with us today for a no obligation quotation.

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